Expert authentication, research, and valuation of Pierre Auguste Renoir paintings

At Renoir Experts, we research, authenticate and appraise Renoir paintings and drawings.

Employing advanced techniques including X-ray photography to augment our research into provenance and considerations of style, Renoir Experts will issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA.)

Renoir was a key founder of the movement which came to be called the impressionists and one of the most important artists in history. He began humbly as a porcelain painter. He was a contemporary and close friend of Alfred Sisley and Claude Monet with whom he worked, the two painting the same scene with a brightened palette striving to capture the effect of the sun streaming through the trees, over water, anticipating the impressionist aesthetic.

Renoir joined Monet to establish an independent artists association and impressionism was formalized. His influence cannot be overstated. He was greatly admired by Picasso and Matisse.

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