Authentication, Certification, COA and Appraisal of Paintings by Renoir

Of all the French impressionist artists Renoir is perhaps the most likely for a new discovery of a drawing or painting.

The reason is that Renoir had to produce an enormous number of studies and sketches and drafts before he would finally come up with a version that satisfied him and that he would finish.

Consider that for one of his paintings, he is known to have produced 300 studies and made numerous aborted attempts, before he finally created a version he was satisfied with. The painting is The Large Bathers.

It was like that with everything Renoir was trying to paint. Endless preparatory drawings and oil sketches.

This is why we have certainly not seen the last of the Renoirs yet. There are Renoirs, in particular unfinished paintings and drawings on paper, that have yet to be identified and recognized for what they really are. Many of them are unsigned.

If you know perhaps from family history that you have a Renoir or if you think you do, based on his style and subject, send us some photos of it. Email us or call us. Let’s talk about it.

We identify, authenticate, certify and appraise the value of paintings, drawings, lithograph prints and bronzes by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.