Renoir Selling

Selling a Renoir painting to house or apartment. Prepare yourself for three facts:

  • It is a considerable amount of work to go from having the painting on your wall to having a check in your hands. It's not simple. It takes a substantial amount of work.
  • It takes several months and not uncommonly over a year. Even Renoir paintings don't sell within a week or a month. It's like selling a house. It generally takes a good long while.
  • It is costly to sell a painting. Most of the time you have to pay commissions, fees and a variety of expenses. It costs much more than selling a house or an apartment.


If you have never sold a painting before, we provide selling advice. What to do and how to do it depends on what kind of Renoir painting it is, the subject matter, dimensions, its condition, does it need restoration, where it is located. There are many variables.


If you need more than just advice, to sell your Renoir painting, we provide selling help. We can write the entire description of your Renoir for example. We can put together all the information a buyer will want. We can help you with matters such as restoration, packing, insuring, shipping, how to get paid, how to handle a return if the buyer does not like it. There are many aspects to selling a Renoir painting.


If you prefer that we handle everything about selling your Renoir we offer full art brokerage services that are free of charge to the seller.