Renoir Selling

If you need help in selling your Renoir, we offer Advice, Assistance and full Brokerage services.


  • When to sell?
  • Where to sell?
  • How to sell?
  • How much to sell for?
  • Who pays for packing, for insurance, for shipping?
  • What should the bill of sale say?


  • Do you have a description and history report about the painting?
  • Do you have a condition report?
  • Do you have professional photos?
  • Do you have authentication documents?
  • Where can the buyer examine the painting?
  • When and how is payment made?


If you prefer that we handle the entire sale for you, from finding a buyer, to negotiating the terms and conditions, to preparing all the paperwork, we offer to take care of everything.

Send us a set of photos, the dimensions and tell us where the painting can be examined.

We will contact you back promptly to set your sale in motion.